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Candles have a magical ability to transform any venue into a romantic oasis, casting a warm glow and creating an unforgettable intimate atmosphere. But how many candles do you actually need to achieve that perfect atmosphere?

It's one of our most common questions from our clients - That's why we've crafted a comprehensive guide to help you calculate precisely how many candles you'll need for your big day. 

Before you start - we recommend looking at our Wedding Candles collection. This collection has one-per-table styled clusters, making the planning much easier. 



Step 1: Start with your table map 

Before you start planning your candles, its crucial to know your table map. Meaning quantity, size and placement of tables. Your event planner should have this for you.

If you're doing it yourself, it's recommended each person has at least 60cm width for seating. So you can determine how many tables you need by dividing your table length by 60. 

For example: The average length of a standard long rectangle table is 240cm.

So 240/60 = 4. Each side of the table can seat 4 people > Meaning 8 people per table length can be seated.




Step 2: Determine your candle style

Did you want a european-inspired dinner by lots of candle-light? Or simply one or two candles here and there?
How about in staggered clusters, or a uniform style like below?

Find a reference of candle styling that can serve as your guide. 

We recommend looking at our wedding collections, as they're pre-designed one-per-table that allow you to map with ease.




Step 3: Consider your other styling elements

Are you pairing your candles with floral or other centrepieces?

Additionally, if you're opting for banquet-style dining, factor in the spacing needed between candles to ensure a practical and visually appealing setup.

Your candles can in amongst or alongside floral arrangements, but be careful to ensure the flame won't touch anything as it burns down. 





Step 4: Time to calculate quantities

Unless you're using one of our pre-styled collections (which are already designed one-per-table for you). You'll need to figure our what sizes, and quantities you'll need. 

It's now time to draw out your table map. Start by mapping in your other elements that will require space (florals, banquet style meals etc.)

Once you've considered these, you can now determine how much space you have to work with. 

Using your candle reference image as a guide, count how many candles are in roughly 1m long (or go by 2x chair placements). Now you can use this to guide your quantities around your map. 

For example, this set-up used 82 candles, and seated 60 people. 
The heights used were 76cm/60cm/46cm/35cm/25cm




Step 4: Now consider your heights 

Unless you're going for a uniform look, with all candles the same height - you'll usually be working in 'clusters'. 

We normally recommend working with 'peaks' where there is 1 of the tallest candle height per cluster. From there you can work down the sizes, and increase quantities as you go. 

For example:
1 x 76cm
1 x 60cm
2 x 46cm
3 x 35cm
5 x 25cm

Having more lower quantities allows for more sparkle, but really allowing those peaks to stand out. 




Step 5: Consider additional candle placements

Don't forget to account for candles needed in other areas of your venue, such as the ceremony space, entrance, or bar area. These additional candles can enhance the overall ambiance and tie together your wedding theme seamlessly.

For nook + cranny type places, our clusters make these decisions easy, as we've already created little clusters that you can place on a bar or any corner area you want to illuminate. 



Step 6: Consider venue regulations

Before clicking 'buy now', double-check with your venue regarding any safety regulations or restrictions on open flames. If they have a no open flame policy, consider hiring glass sleeves from us here.



Step 8: Purchase your candles and have fun setting up!

Don't forget - it's almost impossible to make a wrong decision with candles. Candles inherently look beautiful and will create an intimate ambience, regardless of your candle design. 

This guide is merely a guide to help you make some rough decisions. So don't sweat it too much if you're not 100% sure on placements. 

The most important decision is making sure you have enough candles to create your desired 'sparkle'. If you're budget conscious, you can always consider adding tea lights or votives to the table to create an added layer of sparkle.




Conclusion: By following these simple steps, you'll be well-equipped to calculate exactly how many candles you need to illuminate your wedding with warmth and romance. From table centrepieces to atmospheric accents, candles are sure to add a touch of magic to your special day. Happy planning!

If you still feel like you need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly stylists!

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