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Some candles will call themselves 'dripless' but is that true? Or just false advertising? What about drip-resistant? 

When we started this candle company, we asked the same questions.

So we'll break it down for you... But to answer the first question: There is no such thing as a completely dripless candle (in any condition). Depending of the melting temperature of the wax, some will drip more easily that others.  

However, there are conditions that can prevent dripping - helping achieve a dripless candle (in perfect conditions). 

What causes candles to drip?
Candles made of wax by nature will always drip a small amount. There are factors however that can increase a small manageable drip into something much more dramatic and concerning. 
Wonky Candles
Firstly the best thing you can do before even lighting your candles is make sure they are standing straight in their holders. When candles are not placed upright in holders, they tend to lean, resulting in an uneven burn and subsequent dripping.
Wind or air conditioning
Draughts, such as wind or air conditioning, are notorious culprits behind candle drips. They push the flame to one side of the candle, making it burn unevenly and creating that classic 'drip' line down one side of the candle.

If a heavy wind is unavoidable, we suggest pairing your candles with glass sleeves. 
If wind or air conditioning is unavoidable - don't worry, we have you covered! See below..

Clustering your candles too closely:
Glass sleeves; 
Our Glass sleeves are designed to protect your flames from all draughts and even knocks that can create a mess. By placing a sleeve around the candles draughts 


So what does 'drip resistant' mean?

here at HOF we call our candles 'drip resistant'. This is because our candles are made from Stearin Wax, which has a high melt temperature, meaning they drip significantly less than a regular candle. 


To read more about our Glass sleeves see this post here 



Clustering candles too closely together can also increase - spacing your candles 7cm apart at a minimum will avoid  


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