Got a burning question? Find the answers to our most common questions below.

Candle Questions

Are your candles dripless?

These candles are designed to be drip & smoke resistant, with a slow, even burn when burnt in the correct conditions. So what are these conditions:

- Flat, stable surface inside & away from any wind source e.g breeze, air-conditioning vents, fans, open doorways or windows.

- When grouping candles be aware to seperate by at least 5cm apart, as if burnt too closely together can cause candles to drip, collapse or increase their outlined burn time

- We recommend a candle wick of 2mm-4mm. A trimmed wick makes for a clean slow burn.

Do your candles have a scent?

All our candles are scent-free. However, there may be a faint wax smell if you get up close.

How do I store my candles?

Our candles can be safely stored long-term without fear of warping. Although our candles are built to withstand temperatures up to 50C, we still recommend storing in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

During storage, your candles may produce a light dust covering. Simply wipe the frosting off with a soft cloth.

Can I get a custom colour candle?

Coloured XXL Tapers, Cathedrals & Pillars can all be ordered in custom colours & sizes. However there is a MOQ of 200pcs & a turnaround time of up to 18 weeks. Please contact us through the Custom Colour Order form.

There is a light dust over my candles. What should I do?

We always recommend polishing your candles before using them.

This is a naturally occurring film more prominent on our coloured range of candles due to the natural candle dyes and waxes.

The best cleaning technique is by using an old pair of stocking/tights over your hand carefully & delicately motioning up & down the candle.

Alternatively, a soft cloth will do the trick and gently wiping the candles up and down. Please be careful with the amount of force applied during this motion as the candles are delicate & fragile. 

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Shipping Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do. However, you cannot check out via the online store, for international orders, you'll need to enquire via the International Order Form.

We will provide you with a custom quote for shipping.

Do you offer Next-Day Delivery?

Need something in a hurry? We've got you!

Order before 2pm AWST / 4pm AEST and we'll get your order out the same day for next day delivery.


Place the items in cart that you require and when you go to checkout select:

Queue Jump Priority Dispatch + TNT Overnight Express

WHEN WILL IT ARRIVE? 1-2 Business Days.
More times than not, it arrives the very next business day. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, they sometimes arrive the day after.

Please keep in mind when ordering on a Friday, your order will not arrive until the following Monday.
TNT/FedEx do not deliver Saturday's (yet.)

We normally advise our clients to factor in a minimum of $150 for Overnight Express. However, this varies depending on the size of your order.

Bulkier items such as glass sleeves can rapidly increase this figure. Which is why we normally do not recommend Overnight Expressing glass sleeves.

However, if you require, please reach out for a custom quote so we can try our best to provide an accurate quote.

What happens if something arrive damaged?

We run a business on fragile items, so you can trust we've mastered the struggles of the rough-handling courier.

Our expert packing team meticulously secures each package with recyclable brown kraft, within a heavy-duty card box, ensuring they arrive safely to you.

That being said, things happen. So rest assured, if any items arrive damaged, we'll either replace it or refund it.

We request that you send us a photo of the damaged goods within 48hrs of the receipt, for the safe arrival guarantee to be valid.

How long does it take to dispatch my order?

The faster the better, right?

We aim to get your order out within 24hrs (or 1 hour if you've selectedPriority Queue Jump + Overnight Express)

In the event of any unforeseen delays in dispatch, rest assured, we'll promptly notify you via email.Once your order has been dispatched, you'll receive an email from us containing a trackable shipping link.

Then all you need to do it sit back, relax and wait for you candles to come to you!

How long will my delivery take?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1-2 working days. We will do our very best to get your order to you within the below time frames.

Australia Post Express: 2-5 business days
Australia Post Standard: 2-14 business days
TNT Road Express (Australia Only): 2-7 business days
TNT Overnight Express (Australia Only): 1-2 business days
International Express: 5-13 business days
International Standard: 10-15 business days

These time frames are estimates only and can vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

For all candle emergencies in Australia - Overnight Express (1-2 business days) is available at checkout.