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Whether your venue has a no-flame policy or not, there may be some reasons you'll want to protect your candles with glass sleeves at your event.

Here's a couple things to consider before making the decision:

1. Protects from wind: For outdoor events or gatherings, wind can be a major obstacle when it comes to candles. Even with indoor venues - you'll need to look out for heavy air conditioning, or any wind coming in from windows & doors. Glass sleeves provide a barrier against gusts of wind, helping to keep the flame steady and preventing premature extinguishing. 

2. Slows or prevents wax dripping: Winds are the biggest cause of candles dripping - even if a candle is advertised as a 'dripless' candle (ps. there's no such thing). So by providing a wind break by using glass sleeves, you can help prevent dripping. 

3. Extend burn-time: Wax is 'fuel' for a candle flame - so if it's dripping, you're more rapidly losing the fuel from underneath the flame. By using glass sleeves to break the wind and prevent it from dipping, you're extending your burn time. 

3. Extra protection: Flames can obviously be hazardous if used incorrectly. If floral arrangements get too close, or a guest decides to hold their sleeve over an open flame, it could be cause for a disaster. By using glass sleeves in your wedding or event, you can rest assured with peace of mind that it can help prevent any accidents that could ruin an evening. 

My venue has told me I need Candle Sleeves / has a no open flame policy - HELP?!

It's becoming more common that venues are requesting all naked candle flames be enclosed in a glass sleeve for a few different reasons.

But don't be alarmed - you don't need to go out and purchase all the glass sleeves - you can hire them!

If you're based in Australia and require the hire of glass sleeves, visit our CANDLE EVENT HIRE page to enquire. 


Designed in house by our product developers with a long history working in events - we know the importance of designing a reliable and durable product. 

Compared to cheaper companies that use thin, fragile glass, our 3mm thick glass sleeves mean our sleeves can withstand a heavy duty use. The thick glass also means they have a sturdy weight to them when placed on a table, preventing them from blowing or knocking over with light wind.

Our Glass sleeves are both open at the top and bottom, designed to slide over candles with ease, and allowing access to clean off any melted wax.

So whether you're looking into glass sleeves because your venue has requested it, or because you want the added benefits of using glass sleeves - we're here to help!

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