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WHITE | Wax Candle Holder

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WHITE | Wax Candle Holder

$0.00 $14.95
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Introducing our groundbreaking Wax Candle Holders.

Say goodbye to the tedious process of hiring or buying excess holders for your wedding or event—our sustainable plant-based wax holders are disposable after use, simplifying post-event cleaning up. 

This ingenious design also has a built in safety mechanism. As your candle burns down, it transforms into a pillar candle, drastically slowing its burn rate, giving you peace of mind while you continue to enjoy the warm, flickering glow.

Crafted from the same material as the candles, they offer a seamless match in colour and texture. Or mix and match colours to create a personalised look. 

We only recommend  XXL taper & XXL Cathedral candles up to 60cm, as the weight could cause toppling if sitting on an unsteady surface. 

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