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Introducing SANDWAX™ - the revolutionary wax product that can turn almost anything into a candle!

Comprised of millions of tiny sand-like wax granules, SANDWAX only melts when in contact with a flame, meaning after the wax cools, you can remove the hardened section to quickly refresh the candle with no mess!

SANDWAX's unique granular structure allows it to form to any shape or size, and float on water, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

How to use SANDWAX™:

1. Pour the SANDWAX™ granules into any heat-safe vessel

2. Insert the wick into the centre of the SANDWAX™ until 0.5cm remains above the surface.

3. light the wick & enjoy!

When finished, allow to cool and removed the hardened wax. Shake to level the remaining SANDWAX™ ready to re-use. Or simply return the remaining granules back into the bucket to use later.

SANDWAX™ by Hall of Flame:
- Has a super high melt temperature, meaning you can safely store and use it for years without it melting. 
- Comes with longer wicks for a burn time up to 12hrs. 
- Floats on water - we'll let your imagination run wild. 
- Made from all natural, biodegradable plant wax
- is scent free.
- 1kg burns for approx. 130hrs
-3KG is equivalent to approximately 5 Litres. 

Recommended minimum vessel Width: 11cm | Depth: 10cm
Using a smaller vessel may result in the wax pool touching the vessel & a decreased burn time. Please use a heat-safe vessel.

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