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SANDWAX™ Candle Jar Refill

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SANDWAX™ Candle Jar Refill

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Don't throw out your favourite candles, just refill them!

Our Candle Refill tube comes with:
700g of White SANDWAX + 20 x 12hr burn wicks.

How to use SANDWAX™:

1. Pour the SANDWAX™ granules into any heat-safe vessel

2. Insert the wick into the centre of the SANDWAX™ until 0.5cm remains above the surface. (if jar is smaller, trim wick to size)

3. light the wick & enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend a minimum 10cm vessel width if you wish for the wax pool not to touch the edge of the vessel, allowing you to re-use the SANDWA
Stop burning & refill when 1cm of unmelted wax remains at the bottom.

SANDWAX™ by Hall of Flame:
- Has a super high melt temperature, meaning you can safely store and use it for years without it melting. 
- Comes with longer wicks for a burn time up to 12hrs. 
- Made from all natural, biodegradable plant wax
- Is scent free.
- 1kg burns for 130hrs+
-700g is equivalent to approximately 1.1 Litres

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