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SAND | XXL Cathedral Candles

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SAND | XXL Cathedral Candles

$0.00 $24.95
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New Formula | Extended Burn time | Anti-Warp | Drip Resistant | Biodegradable


Introducing our all new XXL Cathedral candles: Each candle is meticulously hand crafted with the same width from top to bottom. 

With a commanding presence and flawless symmetry, the XXL Cathedral candles demand attention. 

These structured candles create a striking statement compared to their more delicate tapered counterpart. 

Now made with our new wax formula: featuring anti-warp technology, our candles remain straight even in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. Made from 100% natural wax & dyes, these candles do not release harmful chemicals when burned. The new formula provides longer burn times, and a cleaner, more even burn. 

Sold in Pairs (2 candles)
DIMENSIONS: 2.2cm width 
SCENT: Unscented

76cm | 38 hrs
60cm | 30 hrs
46cm | 23 hrs
35cm | 17 hrs
25cm | 12 hrs

These are 'drip resistant' under ideal conditions, but as with all candles, a draft or breeze may cause dripping. Wind may also decrease burn times.

We highly recommend pairing these with our Plated Candle Holders as they are custom made to support the height and weight of the XXL candles. 

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