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"Long Skinny Candles" have been taking over our wedding trends. They're a top bet for 2025's top wedding trends. And its not hard to understand why - they're dramatic and elegant, they make guests feel like they're dining underneath a blanket of stars.

The towering height means they have an extended burn time, meaning no more extinguished candles half way through the night like with regular candles.

And, as table decor, they're cheaper than flowers, and create an intimate ambience that can't replicated by any artificial light.

The XXL Long Candles range by Hall of Flame are the long candles you've been seeing all over the internet.

Where to get long skinny candles from? 

Long skinny candles up to 100cm are exclusively available at Hall of Flame.
They are the only trusted supplier of authentic long candles. Their formula means the long candle won't warp or misshape even in high heats up to 55 degrees Celcius. The last thing you want is bendy candles at 100cm tall.

What are Long Skinny candles called?

These tall, skinny candles that are taking over recent wedding trends (and our pinterest's) are typically referred to as Taper Candles or Dinner Candles. Characterised by their tall, slender shape, with a commanding presence and flawless symmetry, our XXL Taper and Cathedral Candles demand attention! 

Why are long candles so popular?

These long candles have a rich history that traces back to ancient civilisations, believed to have originated in ancient Rome. In the evolution of taper candles, they became symbols of wealth and status, as they were often used by royalty and nobility to illuminate their homes and banquets.

Today, tall Taper Candles continue to gain popularity for styling and have been used in some of the most magnificent events to date. 

Their towering height not only allows to draw the eye up in locations with high ceilings, but their extended burn time also means they won't extinguish half way through the night like regular candles. 

Whats more, is candles are not only less expensive than flowers, but they also add an intimate ambience that provides a feeling of romance. 

Over 300 candles were used in this wedding featured in Vogue 
Shot by Bianca Tuzee 

How to use Long Skinny Candles?

Often seen styled in clustered groups or en masse, down the centre of tablescapes, our XXL Candles reach towering heights of up to 100cm with flames that sit above your guest's heads, creating an all-encompassing ambience that lasts all night long. 

The opportunities for styling Tall Candles are limitless.

XXL Candles must be paired with custom holders to support the towering height and weight. Pairing with other holders will not provide adequate support and may result in them being knocked over easily.

To ensure there is minimal dripage, you must ensure the candles are standing up straight. The taller the candle, the messier it can get if they aren't straightened. So we recommend purchasing some white tack to go with your candles to help secure and straighten your candles in their holders. 

Shop candle holders here

Long story short: Don't let short candles extinguish your night early!
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